About Us

Nisosa is in the business of training heroes.

Or to put it another way: “we design and implement resources to empower children through creativity.”

Sure, these are big words but that’s because these are big ideas, even if they are about the little ones. Because you see, we don’t believe that being little means you can’t think big. In fact, it is precisely this which we aim to promote: big thoughts, big dreams, and big ideas. Therein lies empowerment.

Empowerment is the ability to impact others in a meaningful way.

It’s quite simple actually, it’s about having the power to move someone, to make them feel something new or different. That’s where the big thoughts, big dreams, and big ideas come in. Our goal is to help children develop this big power within them. How? Through creativity.

Creativity is the exercise of making something new and meaningful.

When we take what we have and we change it or enhance it by adding our thoughts, dreams, and ideas, we are creating something new. When that novelty has the ability to impact others in a meaningful way, we have become empowered.

This all sounds fine and lovely but why does it matter… that we have become empowered?

Empowerment frees us to be  independent, confident and capable individuals.

That is what we want for ourselves and that is what we want for our children. The truth is, the more independent, confident and capable individuals that we have around here, the more interesting and exciting all of our lives will be. That’s the kind of stock that pirates are made of (not that we’re trying to train little pirates), or dragon slayers, or knights that save maidens in distress (or maidens that save themselves).

But you know, this is also the stock that ordinary heroes are made of, the ones that fight off bullies or stand up for what they believe even when everyone else disagrees. This is what delivers the courage to help when others are in need or to face our deepest fears. So you see… we are in the business of training heroes.

With that in mind, check out our projects and get involved, contact us to tell us what you think or share your own big thoughts, big dreams, and big ideas. We love to hear from heroes!



Rock Thoughts is a global art and collaborative storytelling project with thousands of participants in over 15 countries.  

Nico Knows is a blog maintained by an eight year-old storyteller (with some help from Mom) and hosted by Nico, a fictional character. It features silly stories written by and for kids..

Kinder Heroes is an opportunity to start something epic. The process begins with one good deed and and you are on your way to becoming a hero.

Tot Thoughts is a parenting blog offering resources and strategies for raising intelligent, creative and empowered tots.



We offer monster products from our Rock Thoughts project. These include monster-making kits and custom monster stickers, all designed to stimulate children’s imagination and creativity.



Creativity consulting services to help design and implement your own projects. Also available for writing and speaking engagements.

Feel free to contact us if you are interested in engaging any of our services.